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Heat Pump Water Heaters

Heat Pump Water Heaters (HPWH) for the general public are traditionally considered to be mono-bloc air source heat pump used in individual dwellings or apartments. However there is a great number of other Heat Pumping Technologies for generating sanitary hot water.

Principle of a mono-bloc HPWH

HPWH for individual dwellings or apartments

A variety of HPWH can be categorized here:

  • Mono-bloc electric air source HPWH;
  • Split electric air source HPWH;
  • Sorption gas driven air source HPWH;
  • Booster HPWH, with low temperature water as heat source;
  • Fresh water HPWH;
  • Solar supported air source HPWH.

The choice is broad where in Asia the ECO-Cute is dominating the market while in a country like Netherlands water heating is more than often combined with space heating.

HPWH in collective systems

Heat pumps in collective systems normally feed a distribution system and need for DHW to generate temperatures of at least 65°C and higher, which a number of technologies can achieve, including:

  • Cascade systems Heat Pumps;
  • Enhanced Vapour Injection (EVI);
  • Heat Pumps with specific refrigerants such as CO2;
  • Gas driven heat pumps.

Alternative and innovative systems are applied, like Fresh Water Systems, PVT-combinations and anergy sources.

Larger systems for Multi Family Buildings (ECOTOPE)