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Projects in New Buildings

Practical example projects of different systems in newly built single family and multi family buildings.

Single family Buildings

Hot Ice (A)

In Weiz in Austria a newly built block of passive houses as a pilot project with fresh water system and the use of latent heat with two ice storages.

Ronduit (NL)

In Utrecht a group of Terraced new Energy Zero houses with Solar PVT heat pump panels as source for individual heat pumps, providing hot water and space heating.

Rijswijk Buiten (NL)

In Rijswijk Buiten a first Dutch housing quarter with Energy Costs Zero Houses has been built, where the end user gets the guarantee on zero energy use for 25 years.

Multi Family Buildings

Pilot Project OST (CH)

Swiss pilot project Investigating the efficiency of domestic hot water generation, storage and supply systems for multiple family dwellings using heat pumps.

Suurstoffi (CH)

 Risch-Rotkreuz – A district energy system with a low temperature network The project highlights a number of different options for Domestic Hot Water distribution and generation.

Rupperswil (CH)

“Plus Energy House with Electromobility”. The building produces more energy than needed for heating, hot water and household electricity. Part of the excess energy is used to operate an electric car.

REKA Ferien Dorf (CH)

Blatten Belalp. Newly built holiday village with three central PVT-solar supported heat pumps and one booster heat pump delivering DHW to seven individual fresh water stations in the apartment buildings.

Bourderis (Fr)

Nantes – Construction of 32 social housing units with very low energy consumption in line with the BEPOS Effinergie label, equipped with individual Heat pump water heater on collective exhaust air ventilation system.

Villa Plaisance du Touch (Fr)

New built low energy luxury apartment building with a collective hot water circulation on air source heat pump with CO2 as refrigerant.

Parc Résidence (Fr)

Toulouse – A newly built luxury 4-storey apartment building with a centrally installed PVT supported domestic hot water heat pump.

Roquebrune (Fr)

Nice – The “Eco Quarter Capazur ” brings together seven buildings with collective high temperature collective heat pumps for domestic hot water, boosting the low temperature waste heat source.

La Novella (Fr)

Marseille – New built private luxury housing with a collective hot water system with heat pump supported by non-glazed solar thermal energy as heat source.

St Thomas Hall (UK)

Belfast (Northern Ireland) – New build apartments with individual Air Source HPWH’s, the block of buildings complied with Building Regulations and provides a low cost hot water and space heating solution.

Parkside Place (UK)

London – Forty newly built luxury apartments with Individual exhaust air source heat pumps for space heating and domestic hot water.

West Village (USA)

Davis, California – Central Heat Pump Water Heater installed on student apartments at the University of California, monitored by Alliance for Residential Building Innovation.

De State (NL)

Amsterdam – Newly built 70 meters low energy high rise apartment building equipped with individual domestic hot water systems with the MultiBoiler heat pump concept for space heating and hot water..

Yotel Hotel (NL)

Amsterdam – New BREEAM Excellent certified hotel built applying modular construction with prefabricated hotel rooms and technical system, with ground source heat pump.

Leyhoeve (NL)

Tilburg – Sustainable heating of an elderly home with special high temperature heat pump for safe sanitary hot water, distributed for direct use.

Sophia Staete (NL)

Hendrik Ido Ambacht – The first booster project in Netherlands in a collective system to produce individual domestic hot water.

De Tas (NL)

Biddinghuizen – New Multi Family Building with individual double function heat pumps and individual ground sources.

Zeewaarts (NL)

IJmuiden – Three identical towers house a total of 103 apartments heated by collective High Temperature double stage cascade heat pumps.

Herzo Base (D)

Herzogenaurach, Booster heat pumps for hot water generation in 8 Row houses in the KfW Efficiency House 40 Plus standard.

Strandstrasse (D)

Kiel – Five newly built residential Multi-Family buildings, with collective hot water distribution, in combination with solar thermal energy and implemented using heat contracting.

Couperus (NL)

The Hague Individual multi-function heat pumps installed in a 295 apartments newly built high rise building as a pilot on smart grids controlled by the PowerMatcher