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Example projects

Example projects are described in a number of factsheets and can be split in categories, collected for Single Family Buildings as well as Multi-Family Buildings, for new as well as retrofit.

New Buildings

Practical example projects of different systems in newly built single family and multi family buildings..


Practical example projects of different systems in renovation for Multi-family building and Single Family Buildings.

Projects with CO2 as refrigerant

Heat Pump Water Heaters with CO2 as refrigerant, especially the ECO Cute developed in Japan, have been installed in Japan and have a growing market in China.

Gas driven heat pumps

Gas driven heat pump technologies can be sorption or gas engine driven heat pumps. These types can reach high temperatures and are thus fit for existing distribution systems for space heating and fit for domestic hot water in collective systems.

Monitored Projects

There is a small number of example projects that has been reported upon, which have been monitored. These projects can for a larger part be found in Multi Family Buildings and Collective Systems..

Other Projects

There is a number of other sites and information platforms where examples are shown