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Projects in Renovation

Practical example projects of different systems in renovation for Multi-family building and Single Family Buildings. 

Single family Buildings

Dartmoor (UK)

Farmhouse renovation makes use of cascade air source heat pump to meet hot water and space heating demand and reduce energy bills.

Titus Brandsmastraat (NL)

Plug & Play renovation in ‘s-Hertogenbosch by a Housing Corporation of six terraced houses to level of Energy Zero

Cocoa (USA)

Ducted HPWH on Space Conditioning monitored in a single family house, tested side by side at the Flexible Residential Test facility laboratories

Redding (USA)

California – Summer indoor HPWH installed in two existing homes in Redding, California in a hot-dry climate.

Multi Family Buildings

Stauffacherstrasse (CH)

Bern – Modular and fully equipped pre-wall units for bathrooms considerably simplify and noticeably accelerate the renovation of old buildings. The units incorporate a decentralised hot water tank with a high-performance vacuum insulation, a low-power heat pump and an intelligent control system.

Krummbach (CH)

Geuensee – Renovation of an old schoolbuilding with a Prefab Retrofit approach aiming to be a net zero energy building for heating, ventilation, and hot water with a high level of self-consumption with a ground source heat pump and solar electricity installed on the roof.

Claude Tournier (Fr)

Claude-Tournier residence – Brie-Comte-Robert – Renovation of 205 social housing units in 13 buildings, with small collective hot water heat pumps installed in each building

Rennes (Fr)

Renovation of 21 collective dwellings Multi Family Building in Bédée with individual air source heat pump water heaters with propane as refrigerant

Soissons (Fr)

Renovation in a Multi Family building in a social housing project connected to District Heating with individual domestic hot water heat pumps in 12 apartments

Paddepoel (NL)

Groningen – Renovation of apartment complex becomes ‘zero on the meter’ for the energy use by installing individual air to water heat pumps in the 48 apartments.

Soendalaan (NL)

Leiden – Renovation of 12 porch houses on the Soendalaan into ‘Zero Energy’ by applying a plug & play Second skin on the outside integrating the MultiBoiler heat pump concept for space heating and hot water.

DUWO Studenthouse (NL)

Leiden – Renovation of sanitary hot water supply in a circulation system student home fed by a high temperature heat pump with CO2 as refrigerant.tments

Urlusplantsoen (NL)

Leiden – Renovation of privately owned flats with a central heating system new type cascade ground source heat pump developed under the Dutch TKI-program Urban Energy.

Bomenwijk (NL)

Delft – Renovation of an existing mixed housing quarter owned by housing corporation Vestia, installing individual heat pumps with individual closed loop ground sources.