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Reports and Papers by the Annex

During the working period of the Annex a number of reports have been written and papers published.

The reports have been written based upon the findings on the work done, discussion and workshops held, as well as studying a mass of literature and publications on the topic of heat pumping technologies. Although in the beginning the publications on Heat Pump Water Heaters seemed to be rather scarce it ended up in six reports on the specific topics (see underneath) and a wide Overview of Research and Development.

At a number of Conferences and in a number of Scientific Journals the participants have published. These are listed in the Overview of published Papers.

The Heat Pump Water Heater market, having a huge potential, is characterized by the presence of a diversified regional and highly fragmented supply side providing the market with customized products.

For Heat Pump Water Heaters no alternative low GWP refrigerant at this moment fulfils all the requirements at once.

Heat pumping technologies are well fitted and capable to deliver the required temperatures according to general legislation dominant in the participating countries, to fight Legionella.

Test procedures are the basis for quality labels, calculation models and therewith an important element in governmental policy instruments.

If a calculation model for the generation of hot water is not  based upon objectively verified values, it will not be possible to assess future building energy systems that are predominantly dimensioned around tap water for their overall energy performance.

Based on the sum of all losses, decentralized solutions are the best solution, where collective solutions for hot water distribution should be avoided whenever possible!

Topics like Technology modelling for single unit Heat Pump Water Heaters and Research and Development
will be part of our journey in the Work Ahead