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Working Meetings

Working Meeting in Soesterberg 10th – 11th February 2016

The first start-up Working Meeting was held in Soesterberg (Netherlands). Before the working discussions seven presentations were held as introduction;

  1. Marion Bakker MSc. (Netherlands Enterprise Agency) – Dutch Policy on Heat Pumps
  2. Onno Kleefkens MSc. (Phetradico) – Market overview for Netherlands
  3. Prof. Jacob van Berkel (Entry) – Booster Heat Pump
  4. Rokus Wijbrans MSc. (ZonNL) – Dutch Project on Domestic Hot Water Heat Pumps
  5. Hugo Jansen MSc. (Alklima – Mitsubishi Electric) – Back to the Future
  6. Leon van Bohemen MSc. (ITHO-Daalderop – Tiel) – Performance Control by ID Monitoring
  7. Dr. Mihai Radulescu, Dr. Kevin Ruben Deutz (EDF R&D) – Heat Pump Water Heater Modelling

An excursion was guided by mr. Hugo Jansen from Alklima to the Sterrenberg project in Huis ter Heide where 138 houses have been built PlusWonen-concept by Volker Wessels. Heat pumps and DHW have been installed in a Plug&Play concept.

Plug & Play unit by Alklima at Soesterberg zero-energy housing project.
Visiting the Real Life Fully Instrumented Test Houses.

Working Meeting in Ulster September 13th – 14th 2016

The second Working Meeting was held at the Centre for Sustainable Technologies at the Campus of Ulster University.

  1. Dr. Mihai Radulescu, Odille Cauret (EDF R&D) – Market Overview for France
  2. Prof. Neil J. Hewitt (Ulster University) – Centre for Sustainable Technologies
  3. Dr. Nikhilkumar Shah  (Ulster University) – Market Overview for Great Britain
  4. Roberto Sunyé, Martin Kegel, Justin Tamasauskas (NRCan – CanmetENERGY) – Canadian Market Overview
  5. Portia Murray, Prof. Stephen Harrison (Queens University, Kingston, ON, Canada) – Experimental Testing of a Transcritical Carbon Dioxide Heat Pump Water Heater
  6. Prof. Stephen Harrison (Queens University, Kingston, ON, Canada) – Queens University Solar Calorimetry Laboratory
  7. Stephen Patton MSc. (Glen Dimplex Ireland) – Introducing the EDEL Heat Pump Water Heater

The laboratories were visited where work is undertaken on heat pumps and thermal storage with an ASHP Test Chamber and Real Life Fully Instrumented Test Houses.

Working Meeting 18th – 19th May 2017 at WTC in Rotterdam

The days after the 12th IEA Heat Pump Conference two speakers from non participating presented the state of developments for their countries.

  1. Dr. Carles Oliet (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya): Heat Pumps in Spain
  2. Dr. Fabian Ochs (Universität Innsbruck, Austria): Heat Pump Market Overview for Austria
  3. Charles Geelen MSc. (Infinitus, Nethedrlands): Analysis of Systems and Concepts
  4. Dr. Mihai Radulescu (EDF R&D, France): Task 3 Modelling
  5. Prof. Kiyoshi Saito (Waseda University – Tokyo, Japan): Task 4 R&D Overview

Working Meeting 26th – 27th November 2017 in Buchs

The meeting was held at the Ostschweizer Fachhochschule (formally NTB) in Buchs, welcomed by Stefan Bertsch. He presented the work of the IES Institut für Energiesysteme.

  1. Stephan Renz MSc (Renz Consulting, Switzerland): Energy Research at the Swiss Federal Office of Energy
  2. Prof. Carsten Wemhoener (OST – Rapperswill, Switzerland): Heat pumps for nearly Zero Energy Buildings – Design and integration
  3. Mick Eschmann, MSc. (OST – Buchs, Switzerland): Heat pump test center WPZ
  4. Dr. Kevin Ruben Deutz(EDF R&D, Frasnce), Odile Cauret (EDF R&D), Philippe Haberschill (INSA Lyon), Romuald Rullière (INSA Lyon) – Multi Criteria Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater Optimization
  5. Charles Geelen MSc. (Infinitus, Netherlands): Best Practice Examples
  6. Onno Kleefkens MSc. (Phetradico, Netherlands): Modelling of Systems – Domestic Hot Water in Multi Family Buildings

Important part of the institute is the Heat Pump Test Centre where in line with the European Test Procedures heat pumps are tested and certified. At the IEA Networking Event in 30th October 2018 at Hotel Beaulac in Neuchâtel Dr. Cordin Arpagaus (OST) presented the Annex to a Swiss audience.

Top is the Climate Chamber for testing Air/Water Heat Pumps and at the bottom the Domestic Hot Water Test Benches are depicted. At these test benches Tapprofiles S to XXL (EN 16147 and ErP-Standards) can be simulated.